Brest authorities ban another rally against battery plant 'over ticks'

Authorities have banned 15 rallies against the battery plant, which is to be launched in May. The reason for banning the protests is “ticks”.

Brest activists appealed to the authorities with a request to allow 15 meetings to be held from May 13 to 17 at the site in the Park of Soldiers-Internationalists.

In their reply to the complainant of Raman Kislyak, the authorities said that it was on these days that the park was to be cleaned from ticks.

“We are told no anyway, so we are filing applications for holding rallies at all possible places and times in order to check what other reasons for refusal they will come up with. This time they refused us, as in the park, they say, there are planned measures against ticks,” said Brest activist Alyaksandr Kabanau, Belsat.

For more than a year, Brest residents have been protesting against the construction of the iPower battery plant in the Brest free economic zone. Residents of the city argue that the facility may adversely affect the environment in the region.

Last year’s rally in the Park of Soldiers-Internationalists.

Since January last year, activists have filed more than a hundred applications for holding protests in Brest and the Brest region. The authorities sanctioned only a rally of “Brest against lead” in April 2018. About two thousand people came to the Park of Soldiers-Internationalists on that day.