Boy from Homiel school threatened by teacher summoned to police station

Screenshot from video published by Homiel Today

The father of the schoolchild form Homiel school No. 15, who got into conflict with his teacher, told that he and his child had been summoned to the police.

“We are now going to the inspector [for minors] for a conversation. They called us from the District Department of Internal Affairs and told us to come over. They probably want explanations”.

In conversation with journalists, the pupil’s father regretted that as a result of resonance around the conflict, the school director was fired.

On September 12, teacher Lyudmila Chatvertkova, a junior high school teacher, cursed at a fourth-grade pupil threatening to kill him with a desk.

After the video of the incident was posted online by the regional portal “Strong News” the school was visited by the commission of the regional executive committee. After an extraordinary meeting with boy’s parents, the teacher was fired.

On 18 September it became known that the teacher was reinstated at work, but the headmistress was fired, though with a transfer to another job.

Some regional and city officials of Homiel were fired, also with a transfer to another job.

The Prime Minister, the head of the Presidential Administration and the Deputy Prime Minister received warnings from Lukashenka. The Minister of Education was also reprimanded.

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