Bookseller Ales Yaudakha accused of preparing mass riots

This was written by Usevalad Stseburaka in his Facebook account.

“People from the KGB who searched Ales’ apartment at night presented the warrant and said that Ales was arrested on charges of organizing and preparing mass riots (Criminal Code Article 293, part 3). They said that the Prosecutor’s Office would be “notified” today. Since Ales is probably in the KGB jail, they would probably not take a parcel. They took some minor thing from the flat and left the keys from the car Ales drove to Kastrychnitskaya (the place of detention),” he wrote.

Ales Yaudakha was kidnapped by strangers on March 21, immediately after the “Debut” literary award which he attended.

KGB conducted a search in bookseller’s apartment before the arrest.

In 2012 Ales Yaudakha was found guilty of illegal business activities and sentenced to a year of “household arrest” and 57 million rubles’ fine.


Last night there was also arrested and brutally beaten one of the former leaders of the “White Legion” Miraslau Lazouski.

Brutal arrest of the people for unknown reasons began after Lukashenka’s statements that gunmen with weapons who were preparing a provocation had been detained in Belarus. There allegedly were training camps near Babruisk, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania.

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