Blogger Volha Takarchuk fined and left in jail

Volha Takarchuk

On January 27th, Volha Takarchuk was tried under Article 23.34 for letting balloons out of her own window. Volha’s husband Dzmitry went to the detention center to pick her up, but she didn’t come out.

“The trial lasted five minutes,” Dzmitry told Belsat. He says he learned about the hearing by chance: “My lawyer and I filed a complaint for illegal detention, the judge came out of a room and said that today Takarchuk’s case would be heard. No one had informed us about it earlier”.

According to the verdict, Volha had to pay a fine of 30 basic units and be released from the TDF. “I went to pick her up. But I was told that her detention had been extended further. For what reason, we do not know yet,” said Dzmitriy.

Volha Takarchuk was detained on January 26. Her 72 hours of detention should have ended on January 28 at 11 o’clock. However, her husband believes that the trial should be expected on Friday, January 29.

Volha and Dzmitry have two minor children, ages 3 and 7. Now the family has to pay fines, state fees, attorney fees, court fees, and more. You can help them by making donations to this account: