Blogger sentenced to 15 days of arrest for third time in row

Vorsha based video blogger Dzmitry Kazlou, better known as Grey Cat, has been once again punished with 15 days of arrest, a friend of the blogger Palina Stsepanenka reports.

відэаблогер Шэры Кот Ivan Ivanov, які ўжо двойчы быў асуджаны на 15 сутак, 13 студзеня быў яшчэ адзін суд у Оршы, куды…

Opublikowany przez Palinę Stsepanenką Wtorek, 14 stycznia 2020

On January 13, the Grey Cat was taken to court from temporary detention facility, where he had been since 25 December and given 15 days of arrest.

The blogger is tried for participation in the protests against integration with Russia in December and for calls to participate in them.

“The Cat urged people not to expect him our of prison soon — not before May holidays, he asked to hand over envelopes, disposable pen and a notebook. The Cat has six “live” protocols in total. He has no plans to appeal the decisions — he confirms participation in peaceful assemblies and the dissemination of information important to society in social networks,” said Palina Stsepanenka.

Dzmitry Kazlou was arrested on December 25 and sentenced to 15 days’ arrest for participation in rallies in defense of the independence of Belarus. The term of arrest ended on January 9. The activists’ associates were waiting for him near Vorsha temporary facility, but he never went out.

Only late in the evening, one of the workers of the Vorsha temporary detention center informed the activists that Kazlou had another arrest warrant.