Blogger Palchys to spend 30 days in detention center

Blogger Eduard Palchys. Photo

The popular blogger Eduard Palchys has been located, Nasha Niva reports.

Eduard’s wife Viktoryia Palchys wrote about his disappearance on September 29 on Facebook. She demanded that law enforcement officers urgently notify his lawyer about this when he was arrested.

It was recently reported that blogger Eduard Palchis is now serving 30 days at the detention center in Akrestsina Street. The blogger’s parents filed a missing person report. Law enforcers checked the data base, and it turned out that he was on Akrestsina Street.

Eduard Palchys has not lived at his home in Lida since the moment he was sentenced on June 15 to 15 days of arrest for allegedly taking part in Syarhei Tsikhanouski’s rally on Kamarouka. Over the weekend, Eduard planned to leave the country, but did not show up at a certain time in the place from which a driver was supposed to take him to the border.

Palchys was last seen on social networks at lunchtime on Sunday 27 September.

Relatives, referring to the lawyer, said that he was not found in the Valadarka prison, Akrestina center and in the KGB pre-trial detention center. But after the blogger’s parents filed a missing person statement, law enforcement officers checked the data base and it turned out that he was in Akrestsina Street. Eduard Palchys is now serving 30 days of arrest.