Blogger Kabanau has COVID-19, blogger Piatrukhin hospitalized

Brest bloggers Aliaksandr Kabanau and Siarhey Piatrukhin are now in Brest’s central city hospital. Mr Kabanau got there on May 9th after calling himself an ambulance. Piatrukhin was hospitalized from the temporary detention facility, BAJ website reports.

In addition to testing positive for coronavirus, Kabanau was diagnosed with right-sided pneumonia. His symptoms include fever and loss of taste. Kabanau said he had had fever for about three weeks: since being the Pinsk district.

In the hospital, Aliaksandr Kabanau signed a paper where he pledged not to leave the room. He is alone there. The ward has a refrigerator, a TV set and a washbasin. Food is brought to the patients, and doctors come in protective gear.

Blogger Siarhey Piatrukhin is on the other floor of the hospital. He also has a fever. He got to the hospital after the trial, which took place the other day — Piatruchin was sentenved to 15 days of arrest. First the policemen took Siarhey Piatrukhin from the court to the temporary detention facility, even without waiting for an ambulance. But in the end he was hospitalized later from the detention center.

Aliaksandr Kabanau does not rule out that after his discharge from hospital he will also stand trial. The blogger said that police officers were near his ward for some time.