Blogger Andrey Pavuk detained for cooperation with Belsat


He is now in the police station awaiting protocol.

The blogger was told to come to the police and testify in the case of “possible cooperation with Belsat” via a text message. He refused to give an explanation.

“It is still unclear why I was summoned. Apparently, the reason was the story about a shirt with officials, where I featured. When I came to the police, they wanted to take my phone. I asked if I was being detained, I was told that I was not. Then I asked for a book of complaints, after which I was detained for not wanting to give the phone. Now I’m sitting here, waiting, while they draw a protocol, “the blogger told

He mentioned the T- shirt with the image of Deputy Chairman of the Kastrychnitsky district executive committee Uladzimir Yeliseyeu and the manager Valyantsina Shlapakova with the inscription “They love you”. The local police department instituted an administrative process against Pavuk on Mr Yeliseyeu application. The official claims that the blogger insulted his honor and disgraced the feelings of the family. On July 25, Mr Pavuk will take part in a preliminary hearing.

In early July, Andrei Pavuk wore this shirt while asking the local residents if it was offensive to wear images of officials on clothes?

Today, the activist was going to make a video stream of the officials’ visit to the local villages.

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