Handcuffed blogger Lapshin taken to Baku by special flight

Blogger Alexander Lapshin has been extradited from Belarus to Azerbaijan. He was taken to Baku by special plane from Minsk on Tuesday evening.

According to trend.az, Mr Lapshin was accompanied by employees of Azerbaijan State Security Service and armed, masked men, bloggers hands were handcuffed.

Alexander Lapshin is a well-known Russian-language blogger, citizen of Russia, Israel and Ukraine. In Minsk, the foreigner was detained in December last year at the request of Azerbaijan.
Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Alyaksei Stuk ordered the extradition of the blogger into the Republic of Azer=baijan on 17 January 2017.
Lapshin was on the “black list” of this country already in 2011.

Photo Trand News Agency

Lapshin is accused of violating the laws of the Azerbaijan state border and passports in April 2011 and October 2012. Lapshin is now facing up to eight years in prison for anti-constitutional calls and illegal entry into Azerbaijan.

Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration of the Belarus Ministry of Interior Alyaksei Byahun told interfax.by, that the department had not received from Lapshin petition to grant him additional protection in Belarus.

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