Big Test About Europe: Belsat journalist wins €7K for ill children in Polish TV show

Siarhiej Pieliasa, an editor of Belsat TV program Prasviet, and his co-player Dominiką Ciosić, a Polish Public Television correspondent in Brussels, participated in the Polish intellectual show TVP Wielki Test o Europie (Big Test About Europe at the Polish Public Television).

The journalists have won 30,000 PLN (appr. €7,000). The prize money will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages.

40 players – well-known Polish journalists, actors as well as expats living in Poland – took part in the show. Each couple of players included one Pole and one foreigner. The factor of time counted in the game – they who give the correct answer first win.

“The subject was Europe: they put common questions, e.g. about geography, inferential questions and vice versa. The most difficult question was about the coffee – “Which European nation drinks the most coffee?” and the options were: British, Austrians and Finns. I chose the Austrians, since it is known that coffee came to us from Turkey through Austria; there is Coffee a la Vienne. But the Finns turned out to be the right answer!. Of course, it is often dark and dreary [in Finland],” Siarhiej says.

The journalist also explained why the prize would handed over to SOS Children’s Villages.

“We have decided to transfer the money to the organization with the hope that they will be able to forward it to the Belarusian SOS village in Baravlyany near Minsk. It is the world’s only village of this kind in which parents stay with children who are preparing for oncological therapy,” he stressed.

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