Best gift? Socks and condom on Defenders' Day

This ‘original’ and ‘inexpensive’ gift will definitely made a day of both presenters and takers, the representatives of Brest Hosiery Factory believe.

Farmin, a producer of Indigo condoms, also contributed to the limited edition. Each gift set includes one pair of classic black socks and a condom. It can be purchased for 2.99 Belarusian rubles in factory stores.

“Every manufacturer wants to be different from its rials. A few years ago, we launched the product ‘Socks In The Tin. It is difficult to ‘invent’ something new when it comes to the production of socks, and competition is mainly in the field of marketing. Therefore, we came up with an idea to make an interesting, funny and uncommon product and time it to the day when women give gifts to men, not just to relatives [February 23, Fatherland Defenders’ Day], but also to colleagues from work, friends, buddies. It is a present that costs not much, but it is useful and interesting,” Syarhei Zhaunyarovich, the director of the factory, told Belsat.

The factory has also announced the release of special gifts in the run-up to the International Women’s Day.

Brest celebrating Fatherland Defender Day with striptease and fireworks
2018.02.23 10:15