Berlin passes resolution on Belarus on occasion of European Games

The Bundestag Human Rights Committee has adopted a resolution on Belarus on the occasion of the 2nd European Games in Minsk, condemning the violation of human rights in the country. The document, inter alia, notes the use of the death penalty, poor prison conditions and harsh sentences for drug related crimes for minors.

Вторые Европейские игры – потрачены миллионы беларусов

German MPs also criticize Belarus for failure to implement the OSCE recommendations on electoral reforms, restrictions on freedom of the press, assembly and association, repression of human rights defenders, opposition politicians, journalists, bloggers and trade union leaders, as well as restrictions on the activities of independent organizations.

«Это слезы для страны»: каждый работающий беларус потратил на Европейские игры $ 35

Christian democrats, liberals, social-democrats and “greens” voted for the resolution, while members of the Alternative for Germany voted against it. Representatives of the Left Party abstained from voting.

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