Berlin: Conflicting rallies in support of Ukraine, Russia

A rally to mark the fifth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea was held in Berlin as part of the global campaign #LiberateCrimea. About 80 persons gathered near the Brandenburg Gate at 12:00 on March, 2.

Representatives of the Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Polish, Chechen, Russia and other diasporas took part in the event.

Crimean Tatar, Ukrainian and German flags

The participants had portraits of political prisoners and posters bearing the inscriptions ‘Stop Putin, Stop War’ and ‘Putin, Hands Off Europe’. They drew the outlines of the Crimean peninsula on the ground and told the interested people about the human rights situation there.

Just a few metres away, about 20 supporters of Russia staged a counter-rally. They raised Russian and Soviet flags, accused Ukraine of Nazism and showed the banner Ukraine + NATO = World War III.

Figures of Petro Poroshenko, Yuliya Timoshenko, Vitaly Klichko at rally staged by pro-Russian activists

Ukrainian activist Oleg Muzyka, who is known for his pro-Russian stance, was among the organisers.

At about 13:15 the protest against the occupation of Crimea was over.

Ukrainian and NATO soldiers giving Hitler’s salute, poster made by pro-Russian activists
Pro-Russian activists: Poroshenko Is Killer, Thief, Liar

At the same time, their ‘rivals’ activity was stopped by the local police. It turned out that pro-Russian activists failed to inform the Berlin authorities of their plans to hold a rally, which is a breach of the German law.


Oleg Muzyka stops rallying after police intervention

Jeanna Kroemer /

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