Belteleradiocompany responded to proposal about ‘Belsat’

The petition to include the TV channel “Belsat” in the cable television network in Belarus was directed to the Ministry of Information of Belarus, as well as to the Belteleradiocompany on 1 November.

The official response has no mentioning either of the “Belsat” content value for the Belarusian audience or the possibility of cooperation with “Belsat” in cable networks. Instead, it has a list of Belarusian language programs broadcast on Belteleradiocompany TV channels.

Official channels were offered to create a joint editorial, which would work on the basis of one of the existing cable TV channels with “Belsat” products.

So far, the only response has been received from Syarhei Shyshko, Deputy Director of the chief directorate of the TV channel “Belarus 1”. The letter lists the Belarusian language programs broadcast by the Belteleradiocompany. The reply has no reaction to the proposal of cooperation with “Belsat”.

“All the Belteleradiocompany products are focused on a wide range of audiences. The creative team monitors new trends in the television industry and offers the most interesting content to their viewers,” said the response of Belteleradiocompany.

The petition was about the need to increase the number and diversity of Belarusian programs on Belarusian TV. In addition, “Belsat” TV offers European films and TV series in the Belarusian language, as well as programs in no way connected with the domestic policy of Belarus, but interesting to a wide range of viewers. Among them are the “Private” show, “The Villagers” TV series, “Human Affairs”, “Belsat Music Life” and others.

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