Belarus state TV compares Belsat with ISIS


The management of the Belarusian mass media outlets has discussed on the air why “Belsat TV” is not present in the Belarusian cable networks.

In the latest edition of the “Editors’ Club” the talk show host Henandz Davydzka asked his guests, the head of the ‘BELTA’ agency Dzmitry Zhuk, chief editor of “Belarus Today” Pavel Yakubovich and chief editor of “Zvyazda” Pavel Sukharukau a question about ‘Belsat TV’. He asked them what the Freedom House would rather pay attention to: that ‘Belsat TV’ journalists had been sentenced to heavy fines or that the US Congress stripped the ‘Russia Today’ of accreditation.

The show guests agreed that it was a rhetorical question and and then tried to explain why “Belsat TV” was not allowed in the Belarusian cable distribution network.

“Belsat TV” has a specific goal — to work towards the collapse of the Belarusian statehood, producing humiliation, fakes and lies, said Henadz Davydzka. – What kind of cooperation are we talking about? The quality of the content is not worth mentioning, said Davydzka.

“Why should semi-pro content be included in cable network?” asked Davydzka.

Dzmitry Zhuk said that catble networks make mone and they prefer good content.

‘Belsat TV’ is a division of the Polish Television, this should be handled by the Foreign Ministry or other government agencies, said Pavel Yakubovich. What does Belsat TV have to do with it? This is a wonderful fiction that is not official mass media outlet in Belarus”.

If the Islamic State turns to us with a request to show their videos, we would also not do it, summed up the conversation Henadz Davydzka.

In the same program, the participants criticized the Russian NTV channel, and Pavel Yakubovich called its team “TV pygmies”.

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