Belsat to hold meeting with famous investigative journalist in Minsk

Belsat is arranging a meeting with a prominent investigative journalist from the United States.

Cheryl Reed will tell the attenders about the value of investigative journalism in the post-Soviet countries and give them the benefits of her professional experience in the United States and Ukraine.

“Investigations is a very important part of journalism as well as one of the most interesting and challenging. Therefore, it is vital that the Belarusian journalists who work in this field or want to try, get as much information as possible about the experience of their foreign colleagues,” Alyaksei Minchonak, a representative of Belsat TV in Belarus, said.

According to him, over the past 20 years, the genre of investigation has been skeletonised due to very limited access to information in our country.

“When we got to know that Cheryl Reed who was interested in our journalists’ activity would arrive in Minsk, we offered her to hold such an event not only for Belsat TV contributors, but also for other media workers, so that they could come and got to learn something useful for themselves,” Minchonak stressed.

The meeting will take place in the Corpus cultural venue at 20:00 on June, 7 (Masherov Ave, 9-8)

Cheryl Reed is an American author and investigative journalist. .She worked as a reporter and editor for the Chicago Sun-Times The Washington Post, Columbia Journalism Review, Dayton Daily News and other media outlets. She won a 1996 Harvard Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting. Cheryl Reed spent 10 months in Ukraine as a Fulbright Scholar teaching immersion journalism and investigative reporting to students.


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