BELSAT SMART – available now!

Our new app provides another convenient, simple way to watch Belsat TV in Belarus and elsewhere.

Big screen with no satellite

Our new BelsatSmart app launches today. It will make viewing Belsat easier for everyone using Android TVs and Internet-connected Samsung and LG TVs. The app will also run on all Android and iOS mobile devices.

“Belarusians are very keen on new technology. Broadband Internet has become widespread, IPTV is on the upswing, and many households have large plasma TVs. This smart app is a boon for our viewers, as it allows them to watch us on a wide screen with no need for satellite,” explains Volha Shved, Belsat’s digital media strategy manager.

Responding to opportunities and needs

Launching the app is also important because, according to the Belarusian National Statistical Committee, almost 243,000 new TVs were sold in Belarus in 2018 alone. At the same time, the number of broadband Internet users in Belarus passed the 3 million mark in 2019, according to the Ministry of Communications and Informatisation. The new app is our channel’s response to opportunities created by the market. BELSAT SMART will be another convenient, simple way to watch Belsat in Belarus.

“The Belarusian authorities impede citizens from installing satellite dishes. News can be read quickly on a phone, but no one wants to sit at a computer after work. People would prefer to make themselves comfortable in front of the TV, so now we’re providing them with an opportunity to do that!” the Belsat manager underlines.

For users’ convenience

BELSAT SMART will notify viewers five minutes before the start of their favourite shows or films. After any Belsat programme, audiences will have the option to re-watch the broadcast at any time. The app will also conveniently allow the audience to watch the channel live on their TVs.

“Users absorb information differently, depending on their viewing device and the time of day. If they can sit comfortably on the couch, remote control in hand, they are more likely to watch longer programmes, which Belsat has plenty of,” Volha Shved assures us.

Via satellite and online

But Belsat can be watched not only via the new app. It can also be received live via satellite, on YouTube, or through the player on the website. Our programmes are transmitted from the Astra 4A (former Sirius 4) satellite – position 5˚E, horizontal polarisation, frequency 12303 MHz, DVB-S, symbol rate 25546. Alternatively, you can select Automatic Channel Search and wait for your decoder to find Belsat.

Belarusian cable networks do not carry Belsat, due to the authorities’ hostile attitude towards our channel. However, 83 Polish cable operators with a total of 975,000 subscribers have included Belsat in their package. In Ukraine, the signal is distributed by Stone Media and the IP Media Group, which have been authorised to sign contracts with local cable networks, making our channel available via 903 operators already.

We’re looking eastwards

So, we invite you to watch Belsat at home using the BelsatSmart app. Our website will always offer you up-to-date, reliable news on the situation in Belarus and the former Soviet Union. Belsat – we’re looking eastwards!