Belsat now has its own train! Let’s go!

What everyone has been waiting for has happened: on September 9, Belsat is departing into the new season! Even more interesting information, documentaries, humor, music and educational programs.

Every day you will see the main news of Belarus and the world in the “In Focus” program at 21:00.

From Monday to Friday at 19:30, the presenters of the program “That Way” are invited to a 28-minute information spot about the events in the former Soviet Union. And not only about this.

Although the summer is over, the Belsat train will run until the end of September. So wait for our correspondents – maybe they will come to you. You can see where Belsat has arrived this time every Monday and Wednesday at 20:50.

The program “Talk of the Day” and its presenters Svyatlana Kalinkina, Uladzimir Matskevich and Vitaly Tsyhankou continue to discuss the most topical topics related to everyone. At 21:25 from Monday to Thursday. Don’t miss it.

What’s new for Elon Musk, whether to expect a robot uprising, what technological things will soon see the light? See all this in the program “Device” on Mondays and Wednesdays in the information and journalistic block.

The Belarusian view of the international events important for our country in “World and Us” every Friday at 21:25, the international magazine of the TV channel “Belsat” with Alina Koushyk and Siarhey Pelasa.

Truth will always out. Financial fraud, corruption and violations of the law at the highest level — nothing will hide from the authors of our program “Let’s Deal With It”. This will not be shown on the BT, and we show it every Thursday at 19:00!

Money, money, money, money! Where to get it, how not to lose it, and how not to fall into a financial trap. The authors of “Personal Capital” invite you to the screens Monday at 19:05.

Reporters of the program “It’s my Right” get everywhere, where offense and injustice are committed in our country. We voice our problems to show others that they can legitimately assert their rights. Every Wednesday at 19:05.

On Mondays at 18:40, Professor Alyaksandr Krautsevich invites you to a journey full of riddles and riddles in space and time with his program “Mysteries of Belarusian History”.

Only once a month (third Sunday) at 21:15 in the studio of the “Intermarium” program Pavel Mazheika gathers historians from different countries to discuss hot historical topics.

The secrets of our culture are revealed in the “Mazes” program. A series of historical programs implemented in the style of “history doc”. Each series tells about the fate of the classics of Belarusian literature and art, who lived in the early twentieth century. Watch it on the first Sunday of each month at 21:15.

On Fridays at 18:35 the talk show “Each of Us” and its presenter Gleb Labadzenka raise serious questions and give an opportunity to each person to tell about their problems, or vice versa — to share joy. Every Belarusian can become a guest of the program.

Every Sunday at 20:30 the music is performed by live musical sets in “Belsat Music Live”.

“In the new season we will continue to open up cool Belarusian music for the audience — to show you the young performers and well-known artists worthy of attention. I advise you not to miss our programs, because there will be surprises in every series. We ask each of our guests not only to play the best of their music, but also to prepare an exclusive number that can surprise and sometimes shock us. Famous foreign artists will also come to our studio to share their work with the Belarusian audience,” says the author of the program, Syarhei Budkin.

Laughter and jokes are also coming with us in the new season.

Every Saturday at 21:15 watch the satirical show “Evening Spire”. Let’s laugh at what is happening in the CIS. In particular, in Russia and Belarus.

“Evening Spire” is news similar to jokes, and jokes similar to news, ” says presenter Ales Karnienka.

The ironic review of the most interesting and unusual news of the week from NEXTA in “Subjective View” every Friday at 20:50.

“The Ministry of Truth” opens its doors to you every Sunday at 20:40. You will be able to secretly observe the work of Belarusian, Russian and European officials, eavesdrop on conversations in the corridors, sneak in at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers and the President’s meeting.

In the new season of the evening show “So Be It” you will find the most serious of all the non-serious reviews of the week’s events, new interesting meetings with famous people of the country, humor and, of course, a little dark humor performed by Zmitser Yesyanevich, Yauhen Baryshnikau and Usevalad Stseburaka.

“In the first edition of the season you will learn how the group’s adventures in the Minsk Sea ended and how the humourists became the owners of real estate! We meet as usual on Saturday evening at 20:00,” Usevalad Stseburaka said.

The program “Villagers“, which showed the world the most colorful and natural stars of the countryside, tasted a lot of sweets, stayed in various houses and experienced an incredible number of adventures, says goodbye to their audience. Unfortunately, in the new season we will not see any new editions of the village reality show, which has found fans both in Belarus and abroad.

Honestly, I thank all the viewers of our program who have been with us for two years,” says presenter Viktar Shukelovich. – I would also like to thank all our heroes who shared their emotions, warmth and cordiality with us. I can’t forget the moment when one of the fans of our program in Ukraine recognized me. She even screamed, jumped on the spot and jumping with joy said that now she would brag about that to her husband and that she had met our team. It turned out that her husband did not miss any of our editions, left any work and was always in front of the TV when the “Villagers” appeared on the screen. We are working for the sake of seeing such moments and seeing real joy in the eyes,” said Viktar.

However, let’s hope that the Villagers will come back after a while in a new format to give us many more funny, sincere and funny moments. In the meantime, watch the reruns of the most interesting editions of “Villagers” every Thursday at 18:30.

Welcome to the new season! Stay with Belsat!

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