Belsat journalist hospitalized after three brutal days in detention center

She is now looking for inmates who may also have been harmed by the female prison guard who beat them.

Belsat journalist Alena Dubovik was detained in the evening of August 10 near the Central police station. She was detained along with another journalist, Tatsiana Belashova. The colleagues went to find out the fate of the Belsat cameraman Vital Dubik. They were detained near the police station. All of them had press vests, they were marked as journalists. But that didn’t stop the riot police.

And then the brutal part began.

“I was beaten up right away. There was one woman. In uniform. I don’t know what uniform it was, I don’t remember. She was a local superintendent . All the girls were beaten up. Then, on the 13th, when there was a trial, I refused to sign the paper that I was arrested near the shopping center Riga. I was taken out into the corridor, and this woman started beating me again – with her knee in the stomach,” Alena Dubovik remembers those terrible days.

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But the journalist did not back down. They were trying to persuade her for a long time, eventually the protocol was rewritten and said that she was arrested near the police station. Alena is not asking question why it happened.

“I know that there are a lot of people who have written and told about this supervisor. They say her name seems to be Khrystsina. Maybe a different name. She’s blonde, long hair, about 30 years old. I’m very anxious to find the other girls who have suffered at the hands and feet of this probation worker. I’ve been held at the detention center on the second floor, cell nine. Girls, come back to me on this. If anyone knows the name of the warden, I would be grateful for a clue,” says Alena.

After being released, Alena was hospitalized with suspected ovarian rupture. Later, she was diagnosed with diffuse contusion of abdominal cavity and bladder.

Now Alena and her relatives are going to file complaints to all possible bodies, including international organizations.

Belsat has asked all journalistic organizations, including international ones, to support Alena.

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