Belsat journalist Alyaksandr Sidareuski detained in Mahiliou

Our journalist Alyaksandr Sidareuski is being kept in a temporary detention center until the trial, which will take place no earlier than Monday.

On October 2, Alyaksandr Sidareuski was summoned ‘for a conversation’ at the police station. Senior district inspector Syarhei Afanasyeu said that he had case materials, on which Sidareuski needed to be interviewed. Moreover, Afanasyeu refused to name the legal status of the journalist. Sidareuski entered a local police department at 16:30.

Alyaksandr Sidareuski

About an hour later, the journalist contacted his colleague Alina Skrabunova and said that an administrative protocol had been filed on him for his ‘repeated participation in an unauthorized mass event’ under Part 3 of Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code.

Sidareuski attended the protest marches in Mahiliou as a journalist. He was wearing a “PRESS” vest, with a BAJ certificate and a camera in his hands. But a protocol was drawn up against him for participation in the rally.

Sidareuski will be taken to a temporary detention center pending trial. He will spend the whole weekend there.

Today the police have already questioned Sidareuski regarding a crime committed under article 22.9 of the Administrative Code — illegal production of media materials. In the morning of October 2, a district policeman from Belynichy came to Mahiliou and questioned Sidareuski and Skrabunova on the story about the Day of Writing.

Volha Vasilieva,