Belsat contributor Lupach discharged from hospital and expected in detention facility

He is to return to the detention center on Monday.

Today Zmitser Lupach, a journalist from Hlubokaye, who works with Belsat, has been discharged from the intensive care unit, where he has been since May 11th. He asked for the sentence to be postponed by three months. However, as soon as he returned home, he was handed the order and told to come to the temporary detention facility on Monday.

The journalist is now feeling well.

According to Dzmitry, he has never had heart problems. The first tonometer in his house appeared on April 26th. The second time it was needed at the trial, where the journalist had a seizure after the verdict.

“I’m not ashamed to look my colleagues in the eye any more.”

Although this is Dzmitry’s first administrative arrest, he had an idea what an arrest was before. Mainly from the stories of former political prisoners.

“I was ashamed to live to be 52 and not be in jail for 24 hours. I can look my colleagues in the eyes now,” jokes Dzmitry.

Dzmitry notes that he was treated very properly and politely in the detention center. The hardest thing to overcome was the lack of information.

“I constantly try to keep abreast of events. And here I found myself in a place where you can even know the time only by bell ringing in the church,” said the journalist.

Dzmitry Lupach was detained on Friday May 8th. The trial of the journalist took place on Monday, May 11th.

He was punished with 10 days of administrative arrest and a fine of 1,215 rubles. The reason is him streaming a meeting with blogger Syarhei Tsikhanouski in Hludokaye working for Belsat.