Belsat 2019 prize winners named


The winners of our traditional annual nominations were announced at the festive event on the occasion of the 12th birthday of Belsat.

TV person of the year – Siarhei Padsasonny

At Christmas, for the first time in the history of Belarusian television, Belsat held special broadcasts from the Vatican and Bethlehem. They were prepared by Siarhei Padsasonny.

“I want to thank the entire Belsat team. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. This is a 12-year long road. We have done historical things that no one in the history of Belarusian television has ever done. I personally dedicate this award to my grandmother, who is not with us any more, but would have been very happy. And professionally, I dedicate it to my favorite cameraman, Siarhei Kavaliou, without whom there would be no shots,” said Siarhei Padsasonny during the ceremony.

Also, Siarhei is the author and host of the program “Belsat Is Coming”, and a special editor of the broadcast from Vilnius (7 hours and 40 minutes) from the funeral of Kastus Kalinouski and the rebels.

Film of the Year

This nomination was won by Kasya Rastotskaya’s “Yellow Flowers”.

The film is about a woman who was born in a family of dekulakized Belarusians in the Urals. She still remembers the yellow flowers — the first flowers that blossomed in spring, which the mother always brought from the woods after work.

Story of the year

The jury, which included the directorate and heads of the channel’s editorial offices, recognized Viktoryia Boyeva as the author of the best report of 2019 “Chance for Lena” about the former pupils of the Bahusheusk psychoneurological boarding school, who decided to get married.

Best op-ed program

Stanislau Ivashkevich‘s program “Let’s Deal With It” about corruption, fraud, violations of the law at the highest level and what the authorities are hiding from us won the prize.

Information story of the year – Kalinouski’s reburial

On November 22, Kastus Kalinouski and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising were reburied in Vilnius. Belsat broadcast live the public farewell ceremony and a solemn procession at the cemetery, where the remains of the rebels and Kastus Kalinouski found peace in the chapel.

Internet story of the year

The best in this category were Denis Dziuba and Jakub Biernat, the authors of the publication “The liquidator recorded it in the Chernobyl zone until the KGB took the camera away”.

Ликвидатор снял это в чернобыльской зоне, пока камеру не забрал КГБ

“Internet Choice”

The winner in this nomination was Denis Dziuba for the news about the strange circumstances of the Mahilou policeman’s death. The news gathered about 150,000 clicks.

Следчы камітэт патлумачыў, чаму загінулы міліцыянт не меў штаноў

Stsyapan Svyatlou and Volha Starastsina were also among the winners in this nomination, and their issue of “Subjective View” collected 600,000 views..

Vasily Taran for the survey “Whose is Crimea? (401K views on Facebook).

Yulia Shablouskaya for the story “No Entry For Puffs”.

Masha Makarava for a live broadcast from Moscow about Russia’s reaction to Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in the presidential race in Ukraine.

“Belsat person of the Year”

They were Yvona Gurnitska and Bartosz Barinow — people who work behind the scenes and do everything to make you like the result of the work of the Belsat team.

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