‘Belintersat’: Lukashenka set to profit from satellite services

Belarus intends to follow the way of getting integrated into the global information space by developing the national satellite communication and broadcasting system, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka said Monday visiting the space communication center in the town of Stankovo (Minsk region).

“Back in the day we started out by providing satellite design services to other countries. Now we can create these satellites using manufacturing cooperation schemes. We can have our satellites inserted into orbit and don’t need space launch centers for that. We control the satellite, get the product from it and sell it. Everything is in our hands,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes Lukashenka as saying.

The project to create the national satellite communication and broadcasting system is being implemented in line with the contract between the Belarusian enterprise Precision Electromechanics Factory and the Chinese industrial corporation Great Wall. The Belarusian telecommunication satellite Belintersat 1 was successfully launched into orbit in January 2016 using a Chinese space launch center.

According to Syarhei Huruliou, the chairman of the State Defense Industries Committee, it is now necessary to commercialize the satellite’s services for the sake of getting profits. Apart from selling communication services to foreign partners the project also targets the home market, including the army and other security agencies. A brand new stage in the development of communication technologies in Belarus is the idea. With Belintersat 1 in orbit, Belarus is on the prestigious list of slightly more than 30 countries that have a communication satellite of their own, he said.

Having three satellites at a geostationary orbit to cover virtually the entire surface of the Earth would be optimal, Huruliou believes.

“If we need it today and if it is profitable, then it is a matter of national importance. We set out to implement the project bearing payback in mind,”  the Belarusian leader answered.

Lukashenka also noted that just like in other branches of the national economy the most important thing is to sell the end product and see the target markets to provide the relevant services to.

Belsat.eu, following BelTA

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