BelAZ to receive compensation from Russians for using its brand

The largest manufacturer of giant dump trucks has been fighting in Russia enterprises that illegally use the “BelAZ” trademark, and for the first time in history it has received financial compensation for doing this, the website of the Belarusian company reports.

Record-breaking BelAZ 7571, carrying up to 450 tons. Photo– BelAZ

BelAZ reports that last year it worked to protect its intellectual property rights in Russia, filing 17 lawsuits in Russian arbitration courts, after 15 of them were considered, all decisions were in favor of the Belarusian car factory.

The total amount of compensation was not revealed.

Now the official site of BelAZ lists 242 organizations engaged in the production and sales of non-original components or illegal use of the “BelAZ” trade mark. Over 120 of them are in Russia, 78 in Kazakhstan, the rest in Ukraine, Belarus and China.

Steel casting at BelAZ Photo – BelAZ

The main clients of BelAZ are Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Also, the supplies go to the UK, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, USA, Morocco and Germany. In 2016, approximately 55% of BelAZ’s manufactured equipment was used to fulfil Russian orders.

In early 2017, BelAZ also said that it was considering proposals for the sale of products for the crypto currency.

Alyaksandr Helehayeu,

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