BelAZ plant on strike (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Strike at the BelAZ. Photo: Belsat

BelAZ plant produces some of the biggest dump trucks in the world. According to our correspondents, as well as Telegram channel NEXTA, the BelAZ workers in Zhodzina supported the idea of a national strike to protest against the falsified results of the presidential election.

The workers of the plant gathered in the yard. The management came out to them and a heated discussion ensued. People shout that they can’t live like this anymore, that they are not fascists and don’t want bad future for the country. The management persuades them to go back to work. The residents approach the gate of BelAZ, clapping their hands and chanting “well done”.

BelAZ workers discuss the August 9 elections with Chairman of Zhodzina City Executive Committee Dzmitry Zablotski, asking to show them the voting results, in particular, the final voting protocols. Chairman of the city executive committee proposed to to meet in the evening at 8 p.m. on the central square. Residents of Zhodzina agreed to this proposal.

According to unconfirmed information, there is no mobile network at the plant.

All entrances to the plant are blocked by traffic police. It is impossible to approach the plant, says our correspondent.

The plant’s management officially refutes the strike, TASS reported. According to the press service cited by Russian journalists, city and plant officials are now holding a meeting with workers on the political situation in the country.

Some of the workers were shut down in one of the workshops, MBH Media reports.

Here’s another video, which tells more about the strike at the plant.