Buffer zone wargame: Belarus peacekeepers between two countries


In the course of military drills near the city of Vitsebsk Belarusian peacekeepers learned how to fight out of ambush and chase illegal armed groups. Live firing was exercised as well.

According to the legend of the wargame, Belarusian peacekeepers were in the five-kilometer buffer zone between two countries. Either of the two wanted to annex this territory, but according to the peace treaty, their military forces were drawn off. Illegal armed groups attempted to prevent peacekeeping missions from completing their tasks.

One of the episodes of the drills was peacekeepers’ falling into an ambush. The convoy ‘carrying’ humanitarian aid was escorted by machine gunners on quads and BTRs-80. However, the Belarusian peacekeeping mission managed to fight back and even start moving up behind ‘war criminals’. As a result, the enemies were captured, their leader was questioned and prisoners were released.

More than 10 armored cars were used in the game which also turned out to be the first test for military quads.

Belsat.eu, following vsr.mil.by

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