Belarusians working or studying abroad to prove they are not social parasites

Belarusians who receive education or work abroad will not be included in the list of “social parasites”, but only on condition that they can officially confirm that they found a job or study. The relevant explanation came from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

Those working abroad are required to submit a copy of the employment contract, a copy of the certificate, permit, license; copies of other documents confirming the fact of employment.

Those who study have to submit a certificate from the educational institution; a copy of the contract for the provision of educational services or copies of other documents confirming the fact of training.

All necessary documents need to be translated into Russian or Belarusian. Then these documents are to be submitted to the commission promoting employment of the population at the citizen’s registration place.

Хроніка пратэстаў недармаедаў у Беларусі. Інтэрактыўная мапа

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