Belarusians spend twice as much as they earn

All the recorded income of Belarusians for the month averages about 1.5 billion BYN, but we spend 3.2 billion BYN every month — twice as much.

It is not surprising: the non-registered 1.7 billion BYN monthly is the money of Belarusian labor migrants and the turnover of the gray market.

“One way or another, I think that there remain 450-480 BYN on average per capita after taxes, fees and contributions. Do not be surprised at the figure, the country is experiencing a rapid stratification into the rich and the poor,” the expert of the” Personal Capital “Mikhail Zalesky said about the purchasing power of the Belarusians.

It is curious that Belarusians buy mainly from private traders (69%) and foreign firms (22%). State-owned stores account for 9%.

What goods we bring from abroad, and which ones – we buy locally and what retail sales will look like in the near future – see the story of the program “Personal Capital” (video above).

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