Belarusians owe all their salaries to banks

Belarusian owe banks over 3 billion BYN. It would not sound so bad, if the entire amount of accrued wages in the country did not total 3.7 billion BYN.

If you subtract taxes, you get an amount almost equal to consumer credit obligations.

Expert of the “Private Capital” Mikhail Zalesky argues that if our economy gets shaken, as it often happened, because it depends on the Russian one, the banks will have problems. Enterprises will suffer even more.

Last year, the amount of consumer lending grew by 75%. Such a credit boom has never happened even in the history of neighboring countries. There was no growth above 40%.

“Having seen this, the National Bank decided to cool the heads of the local naive borrowers a little. And to restore order from the first of May. It approved a regulation. Simply put, they figured out how much money can be given to the poor guy to repay the loan, so that his children would not suffer,” Mikhail Zalesky joked.

Learn about the norms in this regulation in the “Private Capital”.

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