Belarusians offered tax-free delivery of parcels via Russia

A Russian site suggested that Belarusians order goods from abroad to be delivered at a Moscow address.

A popular Russian site has offered to Belarusians a Moscow address to order goods online (from China, Europe, USA and so on) without paying any fees. You can order the goods in the amount of up to €1 thousand. The service of receiving/processing of orders costs $3-5 depending on the weight. In addition, you will need to pay for the shipment to Minsk.

Shipping cost from Moscow to Minsk depends on the weight: Shipping parcels weighing 0-7,5 kg will cost $4-20, and a parcel up to 30 kg will cost about $50 dollars to deliver.

The head of Belarus Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed a decree #40 on February 11, according to which Belarusians can monthly get from foreign online stores without paying duties parcels weighing less than 10 kg and costing no more than €22. You can also import duty-free foreign goods to Belarus for up to €300, and once in three months.


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