Belarusians shoot movie using script written by neural network

The film made in less than two days is not easy to understand.

Belarusian film company RitZEED has released a short film based on the screenplay written by a neural network.

The film is called ‘Machine Tool Factory,’ it was created in 40 hours in the framework of the ‘What the Hack 3.0’ hackaton that took place in the ‘Imaguru’ hub.

“The script was written by a neural network, it owns the rights for it,” say the creators.

The story of Johnny, Joe, Mr. Blundin, Morfeus, Major Warren and John Ruth is hard to understand.

The film turned out absurd and difficult to relate.

‘Bird in Flight’ believes, for example, that the action takes place in a police station and the characters are investigating some case.

In addition to dialogues, the neural network also registered the emotions that the actors were to display — they are reflected in the captions on the screen.

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