Belarusians in Italy turn to Pope Francis for help

They call on the Vatican to pray that the dictatorial regime in Belarus would soon be replaced by a legitimate president, writes Katsyaryna Zyuzyuk on Facebook.

Belarusians in Italy. Photo:

The Association of Belarusians in Italy has sent a collective letter to Pope Francis.

“The letter speaks about the values of Christianity, the uniqueness of each human life and what is happening now in Belarus. We have written that at this difficult time the Belarusian people demand support and solidarity more than ever,” says Katsyaryna.

The Belarusian Diaspora also addressed the Coronavirus in Belarus, problems of the Red Church, calls of Catholic priests not to falsify the election results.

“Together with the Pope, we will pray that the dictatorial regime in Belarus, which brings so much suffering to the Belarusian people, will rather be replaced by a legally elected president,” writes the woman.

The Belarusian diaspora in Italy will be at the Angel of God prayer in the Vatican on July 26th under the white-red-white flags.

Now there is an action of solidarity with Belarus all over the world. Belarusians get united under the white-red-white flags all over the world: from Los Angeles to Sydney.