Belarusians sick less often due to warm weather

This year, due to the very warm weather, the number of people down with acute respiratory infections is 16% lower than last year. The situation with respiratory infections is extremely calm, noted the Deputy Head of the Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Prevention of the Ministry of Health Ina Karaban.

According to Ina Karaban, the national center studying the situation with the flu, does not expect any pandemic this or next year, TUT.BY reports.

“Influenza can come to Belarus traditionally at the end of January — early February. At the same time, it can come here in February, March or April — it depends on how the situation develops in the nearest countries,” said Ina Karaban.

Doctors note the difficulty of predicting the spread of the disease, as “this is an unpredictable infection.” At the same time, studies have shown that this year we should not expect anything extraordinary.

Meanwhile, in the coming days, the weather will still be warm and mild.

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