Belarusians call for amended punishment for drug crimes


The Investigative Committee of Belarus has published a poll about “Proposed changes in the Criminal Code”.

The reduction of the punishment period under Article 328 was supported by 42% of the survey participants. Incidentally, the poll numbers are almost invisible on the screen, since they are yellow and merge with the background of the page.

At the same time, the initiation of a criminal case for libel and insult on the Internet was supported by only 2%.

The activists call for support of the “Mother 328” movement and vote for the reduction of the prison terms.

Mothers of convicts sentenced under the “narcotics” articles seek to reduce the terms of punishment and have the cases reviewed. In the Kalinkavichy and Pukhavichy District activists of the “Mother 328” movement starved themselves for 14 days — from April 27 till May 11. They twice went to the Presidential Administration and on the 14th day they stopped the hunger strike, having received from the officials a promise that the bill on mitigation of the “drug related” punishment would be quickly transferred to the MPs for consideration. Women were not given an opportunity to meet with Lukashenka on this issue.

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