Belarusians becoming less hard-working?


Doctor of Historical Sciences Alyaksandr Krautsevich believes the leadership of Belarus has been destroying the Belarusian mentality by breaking their habit of living and working according to the law.

“Many generations of Belarusians were raised on law-abiding principle. We lived 400 years, even more so under the Charter, according to the law. Now we see it being destroyed: people do not live according to the law, but on the orders of the superior,” the historian explains the nature of the Belarusian patience.

By ceasing to be law-abiding, the Belarusians are also unlearning to work:

“The government is deliberately throwing pieces of bread and bones to those who can rebel: employees of large enterprises. They work little, but get money for vodka and bread. And they keep silent. Generations of Belarusians are unlearning how to work. A friend of mine has lived in America for 10 years, he created a company and hired 20 Belarusians. Recently I called him, and he said he had fired all of them. “Why?” – “Give me the money, I do not want to work.” Tajiks, Uzbeks are working at his place…”

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