Belarusians awarded posthumously in Kyiv

On Sunday, in the Kyiv city state administration building, the badge “Hero-resident of Kyiv” was awarded posthumously to the inhabitants of Kyiv, who died on the Maidan and in the combat zone in Donbas. Awards were also given posthumously to three Belarusians.

The award “Hero-resident of Kyiv” is a public initiative, which is implemented with the support of “ATO Veterans Union” and “Ukrainian ATO Veterans Association.”

Alina Fartuna writes that among the recipients were citizens of Belarus Mikhail Zhyzneusky and Ales Charkashyn AKA Taras. The awarding ceremony was attended by their relatives.

Also, the award was given to Vital Tsilizhenka AKA Keks.

“They say that the heroes do not die. No, they do die. They are the first to go to the barricades to fight. Heroes are dying and we need to remember them,” said during the ceremony the Belarusian volunteer Volha Halchanka.

Photo: Alina Fartuna

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