Belarusian woman without Russian passport not allowed on plane in China

A Belarusian citizen has not been allowed to board a Russian plane at the Chinese airport. Passengers without Russian citizenship were unable to board the Ural Airlines plane flying from Xian to Yekaterinburg, reports.

Not only Natalia, who was returning to Minsk, but also citizens of Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan were not allowed on board the Xian-Yekaterinburg flight by Ural Airlines.

Natallia said that first she was rescheduled for departure on February 2, and when she arrived at the airport, she was not given tickets for the flight.

“I was to fly out of Xian at 00:30 on 3 February, but in the evening of 1 February I received a message that the flight was moved to 2 February at 8:15. No plane tickets were issued at the airport. Others, who were also not allowed to board, are trying to call embassies. We were provided no documents at the airport as to why we were not allowed to board the plane. Many have connecting flights,” said Natallia.

The girl says she also called the Belarusian embassy, where they explained that now only Russian citizens are transported by charter flights from China.

The girl is planning to buy new air tickets to Beijing or Shanghai, and from there to fly to Moscow.