Belarusian SWAT now armed with drones

In an interview with SB-Belarus, Colonel Yury Nazaranka, Deputy Interior Minister and Commander of the Interior Troops, spoke about the equipment that is being put into service of the Interior Troops of Belarus.

Deputy Interior Minister Yury Nazaranka said that there are plans now for active development of the canine service and the use of drones.

“Drones have been purchased for SWAT, and operators are being trained to work with them. Such equipment helps to conduct reconnaissance when it is necessary to capture criminals, perform ambush actions to detain drug dealers,” he said.

According to Nazaranka, the Belarusian SWAT fighters have “modern weapons, new operational vehicles, armored vehicles Volat and Lis produced by MZKT. (the Lis was used by the security forces during the Freedom Day 2017).

“There are changes in equipment, too. Bulletproof vests are being improved, night vision devices, monoculars, flashlights can now be fixed on helmets. Most likely, this year the SWAT will get new uniforms. Any Special Forces fighter is, to some extent, a fashionista. And you can understand him, because life is changing,” said the deputy minister.