Belarusian student invents portable charging device for mobile phones, collects more money than planned

The 20-year-old resident of Homiel Mikhail Vaha has created a device that produces energy: it is enough to twist the device in the hand.

The gadget can be used anywhere and at any time to recharge mobile devices.

Mikhail has collected over 70 thousand euros through the Kickstarted crowdfunding platform in 2016. The amount collected is 1.5 times bigger than the amount of money needed for the project. Those who ordered the devices will receive them already this autumn.

“Gadgets are mostly ordered from Europe and the United States. We now continue the crowdfunding campaign,” Mikhail Vaha told

How does the HandEnergy work?

The HandEnergy device is a pocket electric generator. It looks like a metal ball the size of an apple. You need to turn the ball with one hand. During the rotation process the screw inside transmits the magnetic mechanical energy of rotation to the starter, which converts it into electrical energy. Next, electricity is transmitted to the battery of the mobile device using a regular USB-cable.

HandEnergy device. Photo:

Before starting the project, Mikhail and the team tested over a dozen ways of turning the human body energy into electricity. They also arranged a tour of Europe and toured 15 cities in nine countries, where the device was presented to ordinary people, and asked them about their experience. The project development took about two years.

Veranika Uladzimirava,

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