Belarusian state-run TV workers: Russians replacing strikers

Protests in front of ONT office in Kamunistychnaya street in Minsk. 17 August 2020, Photo: /

Russian specialists are about to provide assistance in broadcasting programmes of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company (BT), the employees who started protesting told journalists on Wednesday.

For example, BT editor Alena Martsinouskaya, said that she was not allowed to enter the office. According to her, a group of professionals arrived in Minsk from Russia to replace the Belarusian workers who are striking or protesting.

“Two planes carrying employees from Russia have flown in; their performing our duties will be very well-paid,” Martsinouskaya stressed.

Information about Russian strikebreakers has also been confirmed by other sources. On August 18, six unknown people reportedly visited the editing control room and got into the specifics of the editing team’s work and activities.

TUT.BY journalists asked the BT directorship to comment on the situation, but in vain.

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