Belarusian state-run mass media set against ‘parasite’ law protesters


Pro-Lukashenka mass media continue to discredit participants of ‘non-parasite’ marches. According to state-controlled TV channel ONT, the police seized knives, pepper-balls and knuckles from anarchists who were detained after the authorized rally.

‘Prevent offenders from doing physical harm to ordinary citizens’

A video of brutally detaining young people after the peaceful action has caused a massive outcry in Belarus and abroad. Plainclothes policemen rushed into the trolley bus and began arresting activists: The girls from the trolley were grabbed by the hair, dragged on the pavement. Not only protesters, but ordinary passers-by were grabbed and thrown into MPVs. But…

“The law enforcers’ actions were aimed to prevent offenders from doing physical harm to ordinary citizens who were in the trolley bus. We say what things were seized – knives, knuckles, masks,” Chief of Minsk Public Security Police Ivan Kubrakou stated.

Who is the owner of banned things?

The words by the senior police official have puzzled the people who eyewitnessed the police abuse –as well as those who watched the video. The police claim having seized banned items from the detainees, but fail to name names. No criminal case over the incident has been initiated either.

“There are neither names, nor case. These knives and knuckles may belong to policeman Kessel or someone from the police. Their weakness is that nobody can say lies all the time,” political analyst Uladzimir Matskevich believes.

State media: policemen injured!

According to information provided by state-controlled media, it is the policemen who were beaten by participants of the rallies. History repeats itself: 11 years ago, after the 2006 presidential elections, people took to the streets protesting against vote rigging. After the crackdown on the protests in Minsk, state-run TV released news stories and films featuring law enforcers ‘battered’ by ‘aggressive’ protesters. Four years later, in 2010, pro-regime media warned their viewers against a violent coup.

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