Belarusian singer denied entry to Ukraine probably over giving concert in occupied Crimea

Max Korzh, a well-known Belarusian musician, has been denied entry to Ukraine, the singer says on Instagram.

The performer’s passport was appropriately stamped.


“They failed to give me any reason. Although my name is not on the official blacklists, but I have been denied entry. So it goes,” Korzh says.

According to his website, the musician was to have given concerts in five Ukrainian cities – both in the east and in the west of the country (Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Kharkiv and Ivano-Frankivsk).

In 2015, Max Korzh put on a concert in Sevastopol, a city located in Crimea that was occupied by Russians in 2014 (See the video below). This might have led to him being banned from travelling to Ukraine.

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