Belarusian scientist believes humans could have come from aliens

Belarusian academician Pyotr Vitsyaz has conceded that people living on Earth are descendants of aliens. The scientist shared his opinion on the origin of life on the planet with journalists on September 10 in Minsk during the XXXI International Congress of the Association of Space Explorers.

“Where did the man come from? Much is said about the fact that we are settlers, that humans came from outer space. I believe that today, no matter the selection and manifestation of evolution, we do not see evidence that the man descended from the monkey,” Mr Vitsyaz said.

“Look at the ancient rock carvings,” Mr Vitsyaz was quoted b quoted with reference to Belapan. – Many of them depict rockets, astronauts. Where did they come from? Why are the footsteps of men found today by archaeologistsf of a totally different size? Where did this come from? Therefore, there is something. We have no evidence, but there is such a hypothesis, it is possible. ”

The head of the NASB administration expressed hope that the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of humans will someday be proved. In his view, its confirmation can contribute to the landing of humans on another planet and its exploration.

The XXXI International Congress of the Association of Space Explorers is held in Minsk from 9 to 15 September. About 90 cosmonauts from all over the world are taking part in it.

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