Belarusian prosecutors announce taking action on ‘illegal groups’

The Prosecutor General’s Office and a number of state agencies have been tasked with taking measures to expose ‘illegal formations of citizens’, news agency Interfax reports.

“All competent authorities have been called on to detect illegal formations, associations of citizens (self-defense or self-rule squads), give a legal assessment to their activities and immediately quell them in case of violating the law,” Deputy Prosecutor General Alyaksei Stuk said.

According to him, prosecutors will resolutely respond if heads of state bodies and other organisations fail to keep law and order.

Moreover, the Prosecutor General’s Office is set to place a greater focus on those who urge Belarusian workers and employees to strike, Stuk warned.

“When the facts of such negative impact aimed at thwarting the production process are revealed, prosecutors will promptly react and raise the issue of bringing to justice those who are sabotaging enterprises’ work,” Stuk promised.

This week, numerous calls for creating self-defense units to resist police violence have been spotted on social media plarforms.

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