Belarusian paralympian sets 5 world records in Germany

Фота: EFE / Jose Mendez / FORUM

Swimmer Ihar Boki has successfully competed in the competitions IDM Berlin 2018 in Germany.

At the very beginning of the tournament, Ihar set a world record at two distances in the category S13.

He also needed only 2 minutes 09.8 seconds to swim on the back a distance of 200 meters. Covering the same distance, but free style, took him 1 minute 52.40 seconds.

Another record was set by the Belarusian sportsman at the distance of 50 meters on the back at 26.6 seconds.

Boki also broke the record set by Canadian Michael Edgson, which he established 28 years ago. Ihar swam 200 meters using the butterfly style in 2 minutes 04.06 seconds and received a gold medal.

Ihar Boki is a 11-time Paralympic champion, multiple world and European champion. He performs among athletes with visual impairments., Belarus Ministry of Sport and Tourism

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