Belarusian MoD promises not to take Białystok and Vilnius from neighbours

The statement was made by Uladzimir Makarau, Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

“We guarantee that we will not attack Poland to regain the Podlaskie voivodeship. We will not attack the Republic of Lithuania to take Vilnius back. We will not attack other states,” UNN agency quoted the minister.

According to Makarau, no one should fear of Belarus. Minsk has no territorial claims against any of its neighbors, and its military cooperation with Moscow does not pose a threat to other countries, he added.

The joint Russian-Belarusian military exercise Zapad-2017 kicked off on September, 14. According to the organizers, nearly 13,000 troops are involved in the war game as well as 40 aviation equipment pieces, 140 tanks, 150 mortars and multiple rocket launchers and 10 ships.

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