Belarusian man fires at police in Italy

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In Italy, a 30-year-old plumber from Belarus fired at local policemen. He wanted to commit suicide.

Vital A., living in Gassino Torinese near Turin, fired several shots at the Carabinieri patrol on the night of April 6, and then tried to run away in a car, reports with reference to the Italian media.

During the pursuit, he opened fire several times aiming at police, who fired at the wheels of his car.

After a long chase, the car with the broken wheel was blocked by the carabinieri and the traffic police. Vitali A. did not resist arrest. Neither the carabinieri nor the man were injured in the incident.

In the Belarusian’s car, the police found a semi-automatic pistol loaded with blank cartridges. During the search they also found a note in which the man described his desire to die in a shootout with the police and in advance asked them for forgiveness.

The media note that the Belarusian is currently in a state of severe depression.,

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