Belarusian linguist Zmitser Sauka dies at 50

Дадалося відэа

Zmitser Sauka with son

Zmitser Sauka suffered from cancer. He is survived by five children and wife.

Zmitser Sauka was born in Minsk on July 26, 1965. He was a member of the public youth association “Belarussian Artisan Shop” (1979-1984). He co-authored “Belarusian Dictionaries and Encyclopedias. Bibliography”(together with B. Kipel; New York-Minsk, 2002) and “Belarusian Classical Orthography” (co-authored with Yury Bushlyakou, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Zmitser Sanko; Vilnius-Minsk, 2005).

Zmitser was the founder and director of the Belsat language service, he also authored the program “Mounik” broadcast on our channel.

“The Belarusian language is an orphan without him… Zmitser lived and admired the language, and we picked up the language “virus.” He was always positive and in a good mood. You could spend hours discussing, debating, arguing with him at any time of the day, Katsiaryna Tsybulskaya, Mounik program editor, remembers the deceased. His letters always began with the words “Dear Katsya..”. Dear Zmitser, it is very difficult to understand why the best people leave us this way… R.I.P.”

In 2015, together with the language service of Belsat and with the active assistance of volunteers, Zmitser created the online language service “Dobrapis”.

Belsat has expressed deep condolences to the family and friends of Zmitser.

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