Belarusian ‘komsomol’ creates fake student groups

The Office of the Prosecutor General has checked compliance with the legislation by the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) when creating student labor groups. A lot of interesting facts came up.

Fake student groups

In the Mazyr region, prosecutors found that the local BRYU committee included 32 people in fake student groups. Young people did not even know about their existence.

Ignoring the executive committees

According to the prosecutor’s office, in almost all regions of the country the student groups were formed with violations of the terms of coordination with the regional executive committees (Minsk City Executive Committee) or without approval at all.

Violation of labor legislation

The supervisory body learned that BRYU was enrolling 16-year-old students in the “fighters” groups (members of the student groups) without the written permission of the parents. Also, the prosecutor’s office uncovered the salary arrears to students, work without registration of labor books, signed contracts, medical examination and briefing.

Based on the audit results, the Prosecutor General’s Office issued a prosecutor’s report which instructs to “strengthen methodological and analytical work in the issues of youth employment”.

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