Belarusian KGB denies reports about deportation of Ukrainian volunteer fighter

The State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB) has denied Saturday’s media reports about the deportation of a Ukrainian volunteer fighter from the country.

“The information is untrue. No further explanation will be provedid,” Dzmitry Pabyarzhyn, the KGB spokesman, told TUT.BY.

The Ukrainian girl , who fought in Donbas as part of the “Right Sector” volunteer corps, was detained in Minsk after she finished talking with a Belsat TV journalist. Alina ‘Fortuna’ Kosovskaya and Ales Zaleuski, along with a cameraman, were grabbed by people in civilian clothes when they were exiting the house. Unknown people dragged them into a van with no plates.

“They did not introduce themselves and did not ask any questions,” said Ales Zaleuski.

Then the journalists and the girl were taken to Savetski district police department, from where the Ukrainian was taken to the airport. The Belsat TV crew was released.

The girl spent a week in our country, visiting Mahiliou, Vitsebsk and Minsk.

“From the beginning I noticed that the KGB was watching me in different cities,” she told Belsat.

In Homiel she met with the family of Mikhail Zhyzneuski who was shot to death by a sniper on Kyiv’s Maidan in January, 2014. In Brest Ms Kosovskaya visited the grave of Ales Charkashyn, a Belarusian volunteer fighter for Ukraine.

On Tuesday ‘Fortuna’ said on Facebook that she visited the Belarusian Embassy in Kyiv where some Yauhen Krastsin, a counselor and alleged representative of the KGB, was talking to her. According to him, all citizens of Belarus who are taking part in the conflict in Ukraine are prosecuted. The reason for the deportation might have been the girl’s activite in the anti-terrorist zone in Ukraine, he said.

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